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Wolfpack Wall of Fame

CBHS - Wolves' Tennis Wall of Fame

Over Coach Gregg's tenure as a tennis coach at CBHS and since, there have been many very deserving
athletes playing for the Wolves' tennis program. This page honors "The Wolfpack" - a few of
these deserving players for their dedication, sacrifice and hard work which contributed to making
the Wolves' tennis program into one of the best in the state of Montana. This is our version of a Hall of Fame.

Cut Bank Wolves Cut Bank Lady Wolves
Year Name Year Name  
1984 Chris Lighthizer 1983 JoAnne Swenson  
1988 Bill Croft 1984 Lisa Collins  
1988 Jason Larson 1984 Conni (Torno) Pfister  
1992 David Gluth 1988 Kelly (Walters) Fassett  
1992 Eric Wollan 1988 Mollie Gilham  
1994 Ben Shors 1995 Melissa Matt  
1995 Mike Elhard 1997 Erin Cassel  
1998 Ryan Murphy 1998 Kristina Coe  
2000 Mike Paulson 1998 Julia-Kaye (Schafer) Doney  
2002 Brandon Kavanagh 2000 Jenny Lindberg  
2003 Matt Lewis 2005 Jessica Jacobsen  
2003 Erik Cline 2006 Melanie Rice  
2004 Keithan Gregg 2006 Leah Gregg  
2005 Brian McDivitt 2008 Laura Gregg  
2005 Kyle Lewis 2008 Danni Johnson  
2005 Garett Meznarich 2008 Melissa Helvik  
2006 Jeff Larson 2009 Marla Rice  
2006 Matt Whelchel 2011 Morgan McDivitt  
2007 Brett Cline 2011 Brianna Bauer  
2007 Cody Pyette 2012 Kayla Kraft  
2008 Steven Paulson 2013 Jillian Altenburg  
2008 Jeremy Whelchel 2014 Paige Larson  
2009 Joshua Paulson 2015 Alex Kraft  
2009 Spencer Lewis 2015 Duana Gobert  
2009 Carl Matt 2016 Dakota Dosch  
2010 Jace Kimmet      
2011 Nate Kavanagh      
2014 Isaac Matt      
2019 Colby Kraft      
2021 Brett Sneed      
2022 Dillon Gray      
2022 Eddie Dewart      

Prior to 1983, there may have been some other deserving athletes that participated and played tennis
for Cut Bank. If you would like to nominate them to be included here, please email our webmaster with
their name, year graduated, reason for nomination, Divisional and State tournament results during their
high school career and any other pertinent information.

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